Introduction to Institutions and Audiences

The above document is the exact wording from the OCR AS/A Media Studies specification outlining just what you need to be prepared for and need to know before sitting the Institutions and Audiences section of the G322. Have a read through, take a deep breath and then don't panic...

There's a lots of new words in there and complicated sounding stuff but all that is being asked is whether you understand how and why we get the wonderful media products we consume daily.

We've decided to study the magical world of videogames so it's asking us who made CoD: Black Ops? How did they? How did they advertise the game? Who is it designed to appeal to? How did we get hold of a copy? How do we play it?

Or if CoD: Black Ops isn't your thing just replace it with Sims 3, Red Dead Redemption, Angry Birds or even CityVille...

If we condense the above information we need to know about the following 4 main aspects of the videogames industry:

Production - how it was made

Distribution - how consumers could hold of it

Marketing - how the game was advertise and how we heard of it

Exchange - how we gave our money in order to play it

Then alongside this we have be able to understand key media concepts and industry strategies the identify where they have had an effect or have been used in the above aspects.

The idea of this blog is to introduce you all these new concepts, define them and put them into context where you can understand them. Use the labels on the side to navigate through the information and get what you need from the resources.